• Rachel’s Bio: 
Hi, I’m Rachel Mosley! I was born in Lexington, KY, grew up in Kingsport, TN. I found my way back to Lexington when I got my Bachelors Degree in 2018 in Communications with a Public Speaking focus at The University of Kentucky. My Senior year of college I was struggling to figure out what my career path would be. One day it just dawned on me: Everywhere I went, I just heard “No Worries” all the time and with Bradley always doing thumbs up so much, I put two and two together and thought it was the perfect combination! My love for designing t-shirts, helping and inspiring others, and putting on events, made being an entrepreneur the easiest choice I’ve ever made! Photography is a favorite hobby where I can capture the smiles and true spirit of others. If you follow along on our social media pages, you can see traveling is also a huge part of my life and is where I find a lot of my inspiration. I love taking pieces from cultures around the world and implementing them into our company. 

    • Bradley’s Bio:
Bradley was also born in Lexington, KY and grew up in Kingsport, TN. However, Bradley has been living in Frankfort, KY since 2011 where he attends the Stewart Home and School. The Stewart Home and School is a special place for special students. He lives at the school, meets a lot of nice friends ,is on all special olympic sports teams, and still attends classes where he learns life skills and academics. It is a unique community where he feels comfortable because he is surrounded by his peers. He loves spending time with his family and wanted me to tell everyone that his favorite color is purple! 

You may find us at The Stewart Home and School Family weekend every year, set up at a buddy walk, Lexington vendor markets or even a local event in your area! Bradley and I both love to meet new people so always feel free to reach out to me or come say hi at events! 

"No Worries" is a lifestyle brand with one goal... to promote a happy, “No Worries" lifestyle and give back to the happiest community I know – individuals with special needs! This company was inspired by my brother Bradley, who is hearing impaired and mentally challenged. He is truly the happiest person I know. His only worry is "what fun stuff do we get to do today?”  Through this company, I want to inspire others to be kind and informed about the special needs' community. To give back, I am donating a portion of our profits to a different special needs’ organization each quarter!  You can help by purchasing our cool apparel and spreading the word to live a No Worries lifestyle. We would love to see where you take your No Worries gear, so please post your travels using the hashtag #noworriesky 

Feel free to check out any upcoming events on our social media links above. 

"Let’s Make A Difference, One Thumbs Up at A Time"        

Rachel Mosley